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Breaking News:
Amazon va ouvrir un centre logistique en Belgique et plus précisément à Anvers.
Supere nouvelle pour les vendeurs Belges voulant faire du FBA sans passer forcément par la France.

Lien de l’article ici: Amazon Ouvre en Belgique

Mais l’autre nouvelle c’est qu’on vient de voir une marketplace dans les Api d’Amazon. L’ ID Belgium n’existait pas il y a quelques jours :brain::thinking:

Il risque très probalement d’y avoir un site Internet mais le domaine étant déjà prit…

Vous en pensez quoi ?

Ca y est, la marketplace Amazon Belgique est disponible. On peut désormais lister et vendre ses produits sur la marketplace Belge :rocket:

Quand Amazon communique après qu’on ai relayé l’info :wink:

Email du 28Juillet2022 à 15h15
Amazon expands to Belgium\ 600x250
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Amazon will expand to Belgium
Prepare your business now to reach new customers
\ 600x42
Dear Selling Partner,

We are pleased to announce that we are working on the launch of the Belgian Store, to delight local customers and give Selling Partners the opportunity to expand their European business even further.
If not already available to you, Seller Central Belgium will become visible as a new country option in your EU selling account in the upcoming days. From that moment on, will show in your Seller Central country drop-down menu. Your existing Professional Selling plan will cover also

If you do not see in your Seller Central drop-down menu yet, please click here and follow the instructions in your Seller account.
In this email, we will provide you with detailed information regarding
the following questions:
\ 52x52 1. How can I prepare my product listings effectively for »
\ 53x49 2. How can I benefit from the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program for »
\ 51x53 3. What are the VAT requirements? »
\ 52x53 4. Where can I learn more? »
\ 52x52 1. How can I prepare my product listings effectively for
• The Build International Listings (BIL) tool in Seller Central allows you to list your existing products on in bulk and save you valuable time. Go to Inventory, then choose Sell Globally. Within BIL, you can select the items you want to synchronise to and define the pricing rules.
• Then, your offers will be automatically translated to French, Flemish and English for Belgian customers, and listed on
• You can then revise your synchronised selection and will be able to adjust your product prices. Please be aware that your prices will be in Euro on
• Please note: BIL is not yet available for the Belgian store. When the BIL tool is active, it will regularly synchronise your existing listings and prices for all linked Seller Central accounts. Please check your preferred tool settings here.
• Learn more about BIL on this help page and its functionalities here.
Stars listing now\ 176x41
\ 493x11
\ 53x49 2. How can I benefit from the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program for
• With FBA, you will be able to ship easily into Belgium. You will also be able to benefit from the Pan-European FBA (Pan-EU) program with domestic fees and offer your products to local customers. You can find the fees for FBA and for Pan-EU here.
• You can inbound your inventory in your local Fulfilment Centre and Amazon will take care of storage, packing, shipping and returns, and provide 24/7 service to local customers.
\ 493x11
\ 51x53 3. What are the VAT requirements?
• Your products might be subject to EU VAT in case you have given consent to Amazon to store your inventory in Amazon Fulfilment Centres in Europe either via enrolling to Pan-EU FBA, the Central Europe Programme, or the domestic FBA programme.
• If you do not store goods in Belgium and are EU established then you may be required to register for local VAT number(s) if your sales exceed the EU-wide distance sales threshold of EUR 10,000 (shipped from another EU country), unless you have opted into the One Stop Shop, under the introduction of the EU eCommerce VAT Package.
• Learn more about the tax and reporting requirements here and here. If you have not yet provided your VAT registration number on Seller Central, you can upload it here.

We recommend you to consult with your tax adviser for any further questions you might have related to your business activities in Belgium.
\ 493x11
\ 52x53 4. Where can I learn more?
Find more answers to frequently asked questions about the launch of here:
Learn more\ 136x41
\ 600x39
Once launches, your listings will become available to our local customers from the start of the new Amazon Store. Prepare your business now for the launch of Amazon Belgium and become one of the first Selling Partners on
Start listing now\ 176x41
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