June 19, 2024 SP-API Release Notes

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API changes

Amazon Warehousing and Distribution API v2024-05-09
Data Kiosk API v2023-11-05
  • The Data Kiosk API v2023-11-05 is now in general availability.
  • The new Data Kiosk sample solution provides all the resources that you need to deploy a fully functional SP-API application that automates the creation and retrieval of Data Kiosk documents.
  • The new Data Kiosk workflow guide offers insights into best practices, answers common questions about API usage, and outlines optimal workflows.
  • The new Vendor Analytics dataset provides vendor data across multiple domains. You can aggregate data across any granularity (ASIN/Brand/Manufacturing/date) and access over 100 metrics across sales, traffic, inventory, forecast, profitability, and new geographic sales metrics.
FBA Inventory API v1
Fulfillment Outbound API v2020-07-01
  • Added the new deliveryOffers operation. Sellers can use this operation to display Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) standard delivery offers on pre-checkout pages. This operation is only available in the United States (US) marketplace.
  • Added the optional field lockerDetails to the getFulfillmentOrder response. Sellers can include the information that is needed to access the locker delivery boxes. This field is only available in the Japan (JP) marketplace.
  • Added the optional field deliveryPreferences to the createFulfillmentOrder request. Sellers can include the delivery preferences that are applied to the destination address. This field is only available in the Japan (JP) marketplace.
  • Developers who create or manage applications that integrate with the FBA Inventory API v1 and Fulfillment Outbound API v2020-07-01 can use the two dynamic sandbox environments to test code integrations between the FBA and Fulfillment Outbound API domains. These sandboxes simulate order fulfillment and inventory movements that mimic Amazon’s production responses. For more information, refer to the Fulfillment Outbound dynamic sandbox guide.
Product Pricing API v2022-05-01
  • The getFeaturedOfferExpectedPriceBatch operation is now available in all marketplaces except Japan (JP). Sellers can use this operation to get the featured offer expected price (FOEP) data for up to 40 SKUs.
Replenishment API v2022-11-07
  • Added the metrics LOST_REVENUE_DUE_TO_OOS, SUBSCRIBER_NON_SUBSCRIBER_AVERAGE_REORDERS, and COUPONS_REVENUE_PENETRATION to the getSellingPartnerMetrics operation response. These metrics describe sources of revenue and lost revenue.
  • Added the metrics LOST_REVENUE_DUE_TO_OOS and COUPONS_REVENUE_PENETRATION to the listOfferMetrics operation response. These metrics describe sources of revenue and lost revenue.

Deprecation notices

Deprecated SP-API resources are no longer in active development. Calls to deprecated SP-API resources will fail beginning on their removal date. For more information about SP-API deprecation dates, refer to the Deprecations table.