June 27, 2024 SP-API Release Notes

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API changes

Fulfillment Inbound API v2024-03-20
Fulfillment Outbound API v2020-07-01
  • Added the queryStartDate parameter to the getFeatureInventory operation. Sellers can use this parameter to select inventory that has been updated since a specified date.
  • The Fulfillment Outbound API v2020-07-01 Use Case Guide provides steps on how to pass the queryStartDate parameter when retrieving a list of inventory items that are eligible for a specified fulfillment feature.
Merchant Fulfillment v0 API
  • Added the Benefits object, which contains a list of included and excluded Amazon benefits from a shipping service offer. Each excluded benefit has a list of reason codes for why it is excluded. Benefits represent services provided by Amazon (for example, CLAIMS_PROTECTED for A-to-z Guarantee) when sellers purchase shipping through Amazon. Sellers gain insight into what comes with buying a label through Amazon.
Transfers API v2024-06-01

Documentation changes

Deprecation notices

Deprecated SP-API resources are no longer in active development. Calls to deprecated SP-API resources will fail beginning on their removal date. For more information about SP-API deprecation dates, refer to the deprecations table.